The Warrior Moms was created to help women transform their lives through education, experience, mentoring and connection. Every Mom needs to reinvent certain areas of their lives and get the support and courage to do it! We are passionate about bringing Moms together in a powerful way through our live events and online community.


Lisa Condren

Lisa was born in Los Angeles but is more East Coast than anyone. After attending college at UCLA and business school at USC, she conquered the world of finance and managed money for high net worth clients. After being burnt out she moved to NYC, enrolled in culinary school and met her future husband on a blind date. After realizing that New York was COLD, she headed back to LA and went back to banking for another five years. When her second daughter was born she left the corporate world and now dabbles in real estate, philanthropy and exercising her entrepreneurial spirit.

Lisa has watched so many of her fellow Moms struggle through a range of issues such as post partum depression, cancer, divorce or finance insecurity. These experiences plus others are a few reasons she wanted to co-create The Warrior Moms.


Liz Svatek

Liz was born in North Carolina, so naturally she monograms everything. She attended Rollins College in Florida and realized that warm weather was the key to happiness. After a brief stint as a stand up comedienne in New York, she moved to LA to pursue acting and screenwriting. She met her husband at a two year olds birthday party and only married him because he was wearing the East Coast uniform of a Lacoste Shirt, khaki shorts and loafers with no socks. Liz started her blog ONE FABULOUS MOM after her first son was born with ongoing medical issues. She realized that Moms are the greatest support system for each other IF they share their stories. Liz went on to have a daughter as well, despite all she went through with her first pregnancy.

Liz co created The Warrior Moms for women to come together and learn, grow and lift each other up.


  • We believe that ALL MOMS ARE WARRIORS.
  • We are MOMS first. Then business women, chauffeurs, chefs….
  • We believe that TOGETHER we are BETTER.
  • We believe that WORKING MOM is redundant. ALL MOMS WORK.
  • We believe MOTHERHOOD is an ASS KICKER and you cannot do it alone.
  • We believe FRIENDS can be FAMILY.
  • We believe in eating, drinking and laughing LOUD.
  • We believe moms rule the world and can make anything happen.

our board members

Monica M. Kirchner is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dot Luxury (.LUXURY), a new top level domain focused on all things luxury. A talented, driven and dynamic executive with previous start up experience and a strong legal and business background, Ms. Kirchner co-founded Luminare Labs--a start up focused on cutting-edge brain imaging technology. She is a Warrior Mom of two.

Monica Kirchner

Amanda Hayward is the President of Studios at Fresno, a digital content studio that creates mobile first premium content. The twice Emmy nominated Producer was born and raised in Canada, and lives in Los Angeles with her film producer husband, Mike Drake, and two small bosses, Miller and Davis.

Amanda Hayward

Katie Mason Stern - a talent and brand manager at Luber Roklin Entertainment. Katie began her career as an talent agent at UTA and CAA where she had the good fortune to be exposed to the power of marrying brands with celebrities. She brings a special niche to her management business when she crossed over to repping experts and brands in addition to her thriving talent list. She is a Warrior Mom of two!

Katie Mason Stern

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