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Katherine Wolf

We are so honored to have Katherine Wolf as our Warrior Mom of the month. A true hero and WARRIOR!
Liz & Lisa

Katherine & Jay Wolf are parents, creatives, communicators, and survivors. On April 21, 2008, at the age of twenty-six, Katherine suffered a massive brainstem stroke while her six-month old baby James slept in the other room. Against all odds, she survived the sixteen hour brain surgery and perhaps even more miraculously she recovered her life, though it looks very different than she ever imagined. To this day, many issues remain, from walking and swallowing impairments to facial paralysis, double vision, right ear deafness, and lack of fine motor coordination in her right hand, and yet hope remains also. On June 26, 2015, seven years after the stroke, Katherine and her husband, Jay, welcomed their miracle son, John, into the world. Today, the Wolfs reside in Los Angeles, CA, and they share their journey of whole-hearted living and hope in Christ through many successful digital and in-person forums through their non-profit ministry, Hope Heals. Their first book will be published in April of 2016. (For more info, www.hopehealsbook.com).

1) Give us a brief history on yourself before becoming a Mom.

I was working in the entertainment industry as a commercial print model. Had moved to Malibu after college where my husband was getting his law degree at Pepperdine.

2) Tell us about your child (children). What makes them unique?

James is 8, and he was 6 months old when I had a massive brain-stem stroke. He’s very compassionate and resilient after spending all of his life in hospitals. John, 1, is a miracle. I wasn’t supposed to be able to get pregnant after my stroke and Voila! If you want details www.hopeheals.com/john

3) What has been your greatest challenge since you’ve become a Mother?

Because of becoming severely disabled, caring for children has become difficult. I can’t walk and have lack of coordination on the right side of my body, so picking up squirming children, diapering, all the ‘norms’ of mommying, I can’t do without help.

4) What has been your lowest point in your motherhood journey? How did you survive it?

When I woke in the hopsital after 2-months in a coma, I could no longer breastfeed my infant, and it was extremely difficult to cope. My faith in Jesus Christ and belief in the presence of God in my suffering was motivating to actually get well and rely on a strength not my own.

5) Do you have friends with similar challenges? Are you supported?

I don’t have many friends who’ve had massive strokes at my age, but I am absolutely supported by my husband and dear friends.

6) What is the best part about being a Mom?

It’s super humbling to feel like you’re never doing it right, but knowing that I am constantly coming to the end of my self – that’s the place where I turn to receive Christ’s power in my weakness. It also reminds me I am never alone nor solely responsible for my children’s success. God loves and provides for them more than I every could.

Thank you Katherine!!!!

Katherine and her husband wrote a book about her life story, where they chronicle the massive stroke she had and the last 8 years of recovery: Hope Heals – A True Story of Overwhelming Loss and Overcoming Love. They travel the country speaking and leading retreats on the hope, joys, and sorrows of life after loss. They also regularly post videos on YouTube and their weekly #ChocolateKatChat on Periscope and Facebook.

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