Warrior Mom – Shanice





We are so thrilled to have Shanice as our Warrior Mom of the month of July! Not only are we HUGE fans of her music and TV show: “Flex and Shanice” on Own, but her story of overcoming hardship is inspiring and we love that she shared her story to uplift others! Thank you Warrior Moms Patty Ivins and Julie Pizzi at PB&J TV for bringing her story to life!

1) Give us a brief history on yourself before becoming a Mom.

My life before becoming a mom was super busy.. I was traveling the world and touring.. Living out of a suitcase.. I could just come and go as I please.. Now I have to plan everything..

2) Tell us about your child (children). What makes them unique?

My kids are AMAZING!!! They’re spiritually grounded, talented and have really big hearts..

3) What has been your greatest challenge since you’ve become a Mother?

When I have to travel it’s hard being away from my kids.. Sometimes they cry when I have to leave.. I have to remind them that this is my job.. I work so we can eat and pay bills Lol..

4) What has been your lowest point in your motherhood journey? How did you survive it?

My lowest point was when we went through hard times and lost our home.. I had to be superwoman so I wouldn’t cry in front of them.. I told them we moved out of our home so we could get a new home with a pool.. They believed me couldn’t wait to move into our new house… Thank God we found a rental with a pool.. I prayed and spoke that into existence..

5) Do you have friends with similar challenges? Are you supported?

I have friends who are going through hard times now and I try to help them as much as I can.. Just recently a friend reached out to me and said her husband lost his job and she lost hers too so they didn’t have groceries for their kids so we bought them food for their family..Now she’s doing much better and she’s working again!!!!

6) What is the best part about being a Mom?

I love being a mom because I know their love is real and they keep my laughing all the time lol…

7) If you have a business, charity or cause you want to provide please provide details.

My my husband and I have non profit called I Know My Name it’s for mental illness.. And I have a Onesie line OnesiezbyShanice.com

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